Three-year-old boy sparks police search after having a toddler tantrum

Holger Kragh ran off into the woods and went missing overnight after his mum said he couldn't take his coat off


A mum and dad in Denmark got more than they bargained for after their three-year-old son’s toddler tantrum got out of hand – and ended up causing a huge police search when he stormed off in a temper into the woods.


Short tempered Holger Kragh ran away into the nearby Tranum Klitplantage forest after his mum told him he couldn’t take off his coat because it was too cold.

To stop him taking his coat off, they put it on back to front, so the zip was out of reach. However, this didn’t go down well with Holger, who reacted by running away into the woods where he spent the night, sparking a police search.

Holger’s parents were so worried they called a 20 police dog search, along with the help of 100 volunteers who went out to look for him after temperatures plummeted. They even sent an ice cream van through the woodlands in the hope that it would entice him out.

After being missing overnight, Holger was found by a local passerby in the forest and was returned safe and sound to his relieved parents.


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