Three-year-old’s amazing escape from 8th floor tower block fall

Lucky toddler rescued from behind air-conditioning unit, after he fell from Beijing tower block and became stuck.


A lucky toddler has escaped an eight-floor fall in Bejing, after becoming wedged behind an air-conditioning unit. The unnamed 3-year-old was heard screaming by neighbours, who called the police for help. But as they realised the boy was slipping, they leapt to his rescue.


The two rescuers, both grocery shop workers, Mr Wang and Mr Zhou climbed out onto the balcony to reach the boy, just in time. Taking hold of the toddler by the arm, they lifted him to safety.

“I looked up and saw a kid was stuck behind an air-conditioner while his legs were dangling in the air. Then several men appeared at the balcony on the 7th floor. One of them climbed over and caught the boy’s wrist,” said passer-by Mr Miao, recounting the scene.


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