Today’s ‘Mega Monday’ for Christmas shopping

Get ready for the busiest day of the year for internet shopping as the Christmas rush begins


Just one day before we reach December, the Christmas shopping panic is about to begin, with over 1 million people predicted to log on and splurge online today.


According to online stores, they’re expecting a virtual stampede judging by how shoppers bought their Christmas gifts last year. Huge spikes in sales on the first Monday closest to the start of December were recorded in 2008, with 69% of people now preferring to do their shopping online rather than trawling the shops.

“It’s certainly going to be the biggest Christmas for online spending this year because every year is the biggest Christmas and it just gets bigger and bigger,” retail analyst Robert Clark said.

With the majority of online retailers offering mass discounts and special offers, including free delivery, discount codes and freebies, it’s little wonder experts are expecting a 25% growth in sales on last year’s figures.

If you are going to brave the Christmas hustle and bustle on foot, you might want to steer clear of the high street on December 23, which is set to be the busiest in-store day.

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