Toddler, 3, looks set to join Mensa

Parents reveal their 3-year-old daughter has an IQ to match Carol Vorderman’s


Saffron Pledger is just 3 years old but looks set to join Mensa. The toddler has an IQ of 140, compared to the UK average of 100, meaning she isn’t far behind ex-Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman, whose IQ is 154.


It was Countdown that allowed Saffron to show off her amazing intelligence. She beat dad, Danny, while watching the show with him at home.

“I will say I have a seven letter word and Saffron will say she has an eight. I hope she will go on the show one day,” Danny told The Sun.

Danny, 23, was bright enough himself to appear on the show eight times and reached the quarter-finals last year.

Saffron can read stories to her little sister, count to 50 and do basic Maths.

“We haven’t done anything special to help her, but she’s very confident,” said mum Kirsty, 22.

Mensa has said that Saffron can join them after her test results are examined.

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