Toddler bites head off poisonous snake

Horrified mum finds 13 month old son chewing on head of a poisonous snake in Jerusalem


Toddlers tend to have a habit of putting things in their mouths, but for one mum in northern Israel, the thing turned out to be a 30cm long snake!


Thirteen-month-old Imad Aleeyan was spotted merrily chewing on the poisonous snake, believed to be a coin-marked snake, by his shocked mother. With just six teeth, Imad managed to quite successfully crush the (presumably bemused!) serpent’s head. He even got quite upset when a passing neighbour rushed over to pull it out. Well, a half dead snake is probably a delicacy somewhere…

His mother, Ghadir Aleeyan, reportedly caused quite a stir with her screams, but luckily doctors at Rambam hospital, Haifa, couldn’t find any bites on her son, reports

Doctors told how the snake is actually highly poisonous and could have caused serious injuries. Happily for inquisitive toddler Imad they’re less active in the winter. The viper like snake was also thought to be a baby, as they can grow to be up to 1.3 metres long.


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