Toddler calls 999 to meet Fireman Sam

Three-year-old gets visit from the police instead


When little Oliver Cahill dialled 999, he knew exactly what he was doing: calling Fireman Sam, of course!


But unfortunately for three-year-old Oliver, the phone his mum usually left unplugged for him to play with sparked a real emergency response.

And when police officer Claire Van Deurs Goss walked up the garden path, Oliver was less than impressed.

“I wanted Fireman Sam,” he told her, according to the Daily Mail.

“I think that tickled the police officer a bit,” said Oliver’s mum Leanne.

“My friend had borrowed my phone to call her doctor and must have left it plugged in. I saw Oliver playing with it in the dining room and thought nothing of it.

“When the officer came up the path I thought, ‘Oh my gosh’ because I’ve never had any problems with the police. She asked me if I had a child at the property and she explained that they had a call from a little child.

“Oliver knew exactly what he’d done… He said he was trying to phone Fireman Sam.”

PC Van Deurs Goss added: “Oliver was a bit put out it was police officers and not firemen but, at the same time, I think he was still very pleased that the police had come to see him.”

Excuse us while we check our phones are well out of small-person reach!

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