Nothing says 'horror movie’ like waking up to see your little one, at the foot of your bed, in the dead of night, shrouded in darkness.


It’s even worse if they say something totally off-the-cuff that freaks you out, make a sudden and strange movement unlike anything you’ve seen them do before… or in one disturbed parent’s case: start playing the recorder.

"When you wake up to a small child playing a woodwind instrument at your door in the dark.... no words can adequately summarise the sheer terror,” user yourdaughterkickedmydog wrote on Imgur, where the photo seemed all-too familiar for fellow mums and dads on the photo-sharing site.

"My 2-year-old son woke me up by whispering 2 inches from my face. When he says 'dad', it sounds like 'die'. Imagine that terrifying s***!!” shared one.

"Yup, I taught mine to play hide and seek, he rocks up to my bed at 2am and whispers, 'Found you daddy, NO MORE HIDING FOR YOU'," added another.

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One parent's story was quietly chilling: "My youngest has long, dark hair. She often stands silently over my bed in the middle of the night, to my absolute horror. She looks like a mini version of Samara from the Ring movies."

And then there's this one (which is actually pretty funny): "I woke up to one of mine standing in the hallway wearing a white blanket. Nearly s*** my pants."

All pretty creepy, we're sure you'll agree - but the thought of hazily awaking from slumber to the eerie, squeaky sound of a child’s dodgy recorder-playing?

That’s enough to leave us sleeping with one ear open, just in case ?

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Images: Imgur/yourdaughterkickedmydog

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