Toddler dairy allergy sufferer so allergic he can’t even handle the smell of pizza

Two-year-old Christopher Merrett has to stay away from pizza and cheese as the smell of it can cause anaphylactic shock


Toddler Christopher Merrett’s family have banned pizza and takeaways from his house because his dairy allergy is so severe even a small hint of cheese could potentially kill him. 


Christopher’s dairy allergy can sometimes see him spend weeks in hospital when he unwittingly picks up traces of milk, cheese and other dairy products from random, everyday items, such as shopping trolleys and work surfaces.

The 2-year-old’s parents first noticed his allergy after he became ill when his nursery gave him cheese. Now Christopher’s parents have stopped having any dairy products in the house as even the smell of something smothered in cheese, like a pizza, send him into anaphylactic shock.

“We have had to completely re-educate ourselves as to what he can and cannot have,” mum Michelle has said, reports the Metro.


If you’re little one has a dairy allergy, check out guide on what to feed your child, as well as info on other special diets like egg-free, wheat-free, soya-free and diet for glucose intolerence.

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