Toddler saves mum’s life

Two-year-old learns how to dial 999 from fave TV show.


Toddler Isabelle Keeling, 2, has saved her mum’s life after putting information she learnt from TV programme The Tweenies into action.


Mum-of-two Joanne, from Bournemouth, suffered a severe allergic reaction and collapsed while at home with Isabelle and her little brother Oliver, 1. Joanne couldn’t breathe as her throat, lips and tongue swelled, and she croaked at Isabelle to get the phone for mummy.

However, the next thing Joanne heard was Isabelle talking to the operator. She had dialed 999 and told the operator who she was and her address. Isabelle also let the paramedics in when the ambulance arrived.

The day before, Isabelle had watched an episode of The Tweenies where they learnt to call 999. “I played doctors and nurses with her, and showed her how to press the buttons on this little pink toy phone she has,” said mum Joanne, a police officer.

“She became a bit obsessed with it and I remember telling my husband I’d made a big mistake teaching her because she might start making accidental nuisance calls.

“I used to say The Tweenies were annoying, but now I’ll learn to love it – it helped save my life,” said Joanne.


Joanne has a life-threatening allergy to Latex. It’s thought that a bit of elastic in Isabelle’s clothing could have snapped and become exposed, causing Joanne’s reaction.


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