Toddler takes first steps after having both legs amputated

Smiling 2-year-old learns to walk with prosthetic legs after beating meningitis


Brave 2-year-old Alissa Taylor has astounded medics, family and friends by taking her very first steps on her new prosthetic legs, after battling meningitis. As a result of the deadly bug, Alissa had to have both her legs, most of her right hand and part of her left hand amputated, meaning she never knew what it was like to walk on her real legs.


The plucky toddler touched doctors’ hearts so much that they even had a pair of tiny wooden feet made to go on the end of her new legs.

“Alissa is a real little fighter and we are so proud of her. She touched the hearts of everyone she met in hospital. She just started taking her first steps and she is being so brave about it. She hadn’t started to walk before getting meningitis so she doesn’t know what it is like to walk on her own legs. Walking on prosthetic limbs is the only thing she will ever know,” said Alissa’s dad Manuel, reports the Daily Mail.

Alissa’s life hasn’t been easy – she was born three months prematurely, weighing just 2lb 3oz. Alissa then contracted meningitis after her 1st birthday party. At first the family suspected chickenpox, but after examining one particular spot that looked slightly different from the rest, they realised it was meningitis.

Alissa was immediately taken to the Princess Royal Hospital in Farnborough, but she was later transferred to St Thomas’s hospital in London. Doctors weren’t sure if Alissa would survive, as they put her in an induced coma. It was four weeks after she initially caught the illness that the amputations took place.

However, Alissa has now completely changed things around as she celebrates her 2nd birthday. She daringly took her first steps last month and she has also been given the all clear from brain damage.

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