Toddler trapped in bank vault

Crying child rescued four hours after wandering into giant safe


A 14-month-old child was trapped inside a bank vault for four hours in Georgia in the US.


It took firefighters four hours to rescue the crying toddler. They first had to pump oxygen into the air-tight vault at the Wells Fargo bank.

The little girl and her mother were reportedly related to bank employees and were inside the bank at closing time.

The toddler had wandered off around the bank and managed to walk into the vault. The vault is fitted with a time-delay lock and shut almost immediately after the child walked in.

A frantic search followed but the little girl couldn’t be found and staff then suspected the toddler may have become trapped in the vault.

A safe technician was brought in by the firefighters and in true hero style described the rescue as all in a day’s work.


“This is what I do all the time, other than a child being in there it was an easy job,” said safe man, Ron Snively. “You take the drill point and unlock it. She was crying before I got to her. She was scared because of the drilling noise and all that, but once I heard her crying I knew everything was OK, it was just a matter of time.”

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