Toddler trapped inside sweet machine

Little Cohen Stone squeezed into the lollipop machine but then realised there was no way out leaving him stuck in the glass prize cabinet for 45 minutes


Gazing at the yummy sweets and lollipops on display in a sweet machine in Australia, 2-year-old toddler Cohen Stone thought he’d delve a little deeper in order to get his hands on the treats – by climbing inside the machine!


After clambering through the tiny hatch and crawling his way into the machine where all the sweeties were, Cohen was unable to get back out, much to the dismay of his mum who had turned her back for two minutes. “I just couldn’t believe what he had done in that space of time. He was there one minute, inside it the next, like a magician’s trick!” his stunned mum Kyra, 24, recalled.

Imprisoned between the four walls of glass and surrounded by the sweet treats, Cohen’s panicking mum tried to keep him entertained. Cohen looked decidedly calm despite his ordeal! “The hole was so tiny. I have no idea how he did it. That’s when I started to panic. I didn’t know how I was going to get him out.”

The owner of the games room went to get the keys for the machine to release Cohen, however when the keys were returned, none of them fit the lock! The owners of the machine company were then contacted; meaning toddler Cohen was stuck for 45 minutes.

With the lights beaming down on him in the machine, Cohen’s mum managed to squeeze in a bottle of drink so he could keep cool.

Cohen was finally released after the locksmith arrived and was unharmed.


Has your little Houdini ever got themself into a sticky situation? Let us know below!

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