Toddler wakes from coma singing

Three-year-old falls into coma after contracting meningitis - then wakes singing Mamma Mia!


Layla Towsey, 3, woke from a five-day coma singing Mamma Mia! Mum Katy, 23, from Essex, was stunned when she heard her daughter quietly start to sing.


Last month, a rash developed on Layla’s leg and she started being sick. She had a high temperature and didn’t recognise her mum, Katy. Katy took Layla to a hospital in Romford, where doctors initially believed it was just heat rash.

Layla became delirious and within hours suffered a heart attack. She was transferred to a west London hospital and put on life support. Mum Katy was told to give her daughter a kiss goodbye before she was put in the ambulance.

Layla had meningitis B and meningococcal septicemia. The next five days she spent in a coma, with the life support machine keeping her alive. Katy was waiting to see how disabled her daughter might be. Then, she heard Layla starting to sing the words to Mamma Mia!, a movie she had seen.


The only signs of what Layla has been through are the blood poisoning scars on her legs. Her family now helps Meningitis UK, a charity that raises money to help develop a vaccine for meningitis B.


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