Toddler wearing England strip – Update

Bus driver allegedly found the England football shirt ‘offensive’ - claims unfounded


UPDATE: In response to the story reported in the Metro, First Bus have investigated the claim and found no evidence to substantiate Sam Fardon’s claim. 


“No driver fitting the description given was working on any routes in this area at that time. Our buses were busy around the time yet no one else has been in touch with us about this alleged incident,” said spokesman, Paul De Santis.

He also assured passengers that First Bus is completely behind England’s World Cup bid. “Far from banning England shirts on our buses First is fully supportive of England’s World Cup campaign and we are, in fact, currently fitting good luck banners featuring England flags on all our buses in England.”

The claim was reported in yesterday’s Metro newspaper.

A mum has claimed she was thrown off a bus because the driver didn’t like her 2-year-old son’s England shirt.

Sam Fardon, 27, was travelling with her son, Dylan, on a First Bus in Stoke when the driver, who Sam said was Eastern European, told them to leave, saying, “I find that shirt really offensive.”

Sam said she couldn’t believe the driver’s reaction to her son’s shirt and stayed on the bus after she received support from other passengers.

The First Bus Company has said it’s investigating the incident.


As the country gears up for World Cup fever, police have put a stop to rumours of a ban on wearing shirts in pubs during the tournament, saying, “there is no policy to stop the wearing of England shirts”.  Strips at the ready football fans!


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