Toddlers are trained as snake charmers

Tribe traditions are bringing snakes into the classroom


While the closest most children might ever get to a snake is to pet one at a zoo, the nomadic Vadi tribe in Western India are training toddlers as young as two in the art of snake charming.


Introduced to the traditional sport from such a tender age, the children from the tribe think nothing of coming face-to-face with a poisonous Cobra snake.

The one classroom where everyone’s paying attention, is where they learn to play the flute while handling the snakes.  By the time these children are aged 12, they will know everything they need to know about snakes.

The snake charming traditions go back over one thousand years with many believing they have a mythical attachment to the reptiles, especially cobras.


Although junior snake charming  it was banned in 1991, the Vadi continue their training with children.

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