Toddlers know their appearance gets them attention

Recognising your own reflection and using it to your advantage starts when you’re still very young


You might think your love of dabbing on red lipstick is all part and parcel of being a grown up, but this starts much, much earlier, according to Stylist magazine. While babies and toddlers can be fascinated by mirrors, by the time your child reaches 3 years old they’ve developed a connection with this reflection. “Consequently it’s completely intertwined with our personality,” said psychotherapist Rachel Shattock.


A baby will look directly into your face and if you look away they’ll get upset. This feeling of exclusion helps them understand non-verbal self-expression – and that they can use it too. If you’ve ever endured the wrath of a 3 year old who isn’t happy in the jumper you’ve put them in, you’ll understand. They’ve developed an image they want to project – and quite frankly, you’re ruining it!

As psychotherapist Rachel explains, at the significant stages of childhood kids learn to express themselves through their looks. It’s why they’ll (eventually) forgive your for that bowl haircut and why your make up becomes the ultimate thing they want to have spread on their face.


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