‘Toddlers should be in the playground not on the front row at fashion week…’

After North West's tantrum at New York fashion week, the question is should children really be there?


They’ve become the ultimate fashion accessory but do children belong on the front row, or should they be jumping in muddy puddles and racing around outside? 


Reality star Chantelle Houghton certainly knows what she thinks. The mum-of-1 commented that Kim Kardashian should have left her 20-month-old daughter, North West, at home rather than bring her to New York Fashion Week.  

Poor tot North West couldn’t stop wriggling while perched on her mum’s knee, and eventually broke out into a full tantrum while her dad Kanye showed off his debut collection for Adidas in New York last week. And then she did it again a few days later at Alexander Wang’s show (above left), which raised more than one perfectly sculpted eyebrow.

But the toddler’s meltdown was really no surprise.”I thought, ‘Well what do you expect?'” says reality star Chantelle in her column for new magazine. She added, “It’s like she’s a fashion accessory herself. North should be at the park, not surrounded by fashionistas.”

The perfect child

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. The gorgeously demure Harper Beckham always seems to sit quite happily on her dad David’s lap, while mum Victoria’s creations are modelled on the catwalk.

In fact, just last week at NYFW, the 3-year-old was seen taking the camera out of her dad’s hands so she could snap away at the models (above right). But as any mum of a of toddler knows, it’s pretty rare for a three year-old to sit still for more than two minutes without making a break for freedom, demanding food, or throwing a wobbly.


We think Chantelle has a point on this one. She added, “Why would you take a 20-month-old child to a catwalk show? It’s not exactly kid-friendly!”

Should the fashionistas be more tolerant or should the children just not be there in the first place? What do you think?  Let us know in the comments…

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