Toddlers to get jabs for six diseases in same appointment

Infant injections to be completed in a “super-vaccination” day to improve immunisation rates


GPs have been told to inoculate toddlers against six diseases in one go to improve the uptake of vaccines by parents. Currently parents have to make several appointments to have their child vaccinated against meningitis, measles, mumps and rubella, but the Chief Medical Officer has told GPs this new policy should be “brought in as soon as practicable for your area”, reports the BBC.


The new system would immunise children against six diseases soon after their first birthday. The “super-vaccination” day would also include the MMR jab. Experts hope that this simplified process will increase the number of parents completing the entire course of jabs.

The Department of Health (DoH) has said that there is no risk to children from having all of the jabs on the same day. However, if parents are worried they will still be able to make separate appointments for the jabs. :Independent scientific research has shown that this is completely safe and effective,” said a spokesman for the DoH.


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