McFly’s Tom Fletcher: ‘I sleep by my son’s bed every night’

The McFly singer and dad of 2 admits he's not seen his own bed in quite some time...


It’s a tale as old as time. Mum and dad snuggle up in their own bed at the end of a long day. But, when the clock strikes 6am, they somehow find themselves alone, and uncomfortable, each waking up on the floor of a different child’s bedroom, beside their sleeping little one’s bed.


It’s hardly the stuff of fairytales but that’s just life when you’re a parent, right?

Well, at least it has been for most of us – and it seems that’s how it is for celeb dad Tom Fletcher, too, as he’s recently taken to Instagram to reveal that both he and wife Giovanna are suckers for snoozing separately in their children’s bedrooms.

Sharing the above pic of his double bed, 3-year-old son Buzz’s room, and 1-year-old son Buddy’s room, he wrote:

“Where we should wake up every day versus where we actually wake up. @mrsgifletcher in one kid’s room on the floor and I in the other. ?”

He certainly wasn’t alone in this, though. Fans replied in their droves to say they’d been there, too…

“Ahhh this is a familiar sight!! @mrsgifletcher. Two boys here too, eldest is 3 soon and still hasn’t slept through EVER. Musical beds seems to be a regular occurrence!” wrote one.

“Lovely to see a high-profile couple showing what’s normal for lots of families,” added another.

“I feel your pain ?” sympathised one fan. “This so reminds me of my house a few years ago @tomfletcher I’ve even slept curled up in a cot before! Thankfully it doesn’t last forever!”

The McFly star’s followers were also quick to offer suggestions on how to break the habit.

“This was my life too for 5 years with my 2 girls. I enlisted the help of a sleep fairy and they were sleeping through in 2 weeks. Very simple to put in place, fun and free. @tomfletcher it changed my life, sleep is necessary and I am happy to pay it forward!” wrote one mum fan.

“?? it gets easier! Honest. ?” began another. “On the positive side, your bed will last longer from lack of use! Have you tried putting the boys in together?

“My youngest hated being alone; she loved sharing with one of her brothers. She’s OK with it now but she was so used to them being there that, when she went in her own room, I had to sit and hold her hand for hours ?

“I think it’s the feeling of security knowing someone else is just, there ❤ We all do the best we can, so you gotta do what you gotta do. #parentproblems ? x”

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Have you been in the same sitch as Tom and Giovanna? If so, how did you break the cycle and actually manage to sleep all night in your own bed?

Or maybe you don’t mind room-hopping in the night and ending up on the floor or a pull-out mattress in a child’s room?

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Images: Instagram/Tom Fletcher

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