Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher’s baby diary (he’s a bit tired)

The McFly star and brand-new dad has been sharing lots of pics and Tweets about his first few days with baby Buzz


Before Buzz was born, Tom (McFly) Fletcher promised wife Giovanna he’d be a hands-on-dad.


“Tom said he’s going to get up in the night,” she said. “We’ve always been very much a team, so hopefully that will continue.”

And, we admit it, we did scoff a bit.

But, if his (very busy) Twitter account is anything to go by, new-dad Tom’s not only really relishing his new role, he’s also pulling his weight on the nappy-changing and 3am-feeding front, too.

He’s a run down of the highs and lows …

Day 3

He’s been dealing with new baby tiredness: “Oh so this is what “tired” really feels like…blimey…”

Gushing with love: “I’ve been having a cuddle with Buzz for about an hour. Best cuddle of my life. Ever!”

Day 4

Changing nappies: “I just got peed on. ‪#Dad :D”

Gushing with love. Again: “I’m so so so so completely in love with my son.”

Day 5

Getting up in the night for feeds: “Hello to all the other mums and dads out there also on the 3am feed.”

Changing more nappies: “Anyone else been pooped on already today? No? Just me then. ‪#morningfeed”

Day 6

Enjoying the new baby presents by posting a picture of lots of cookies and cakes with the caption: “The best thing about having a baby (apart from the baby itself) is that people send you things like this.”

Day 7

Tom sums it all up: “Having a baby makes you the most happy AND most tired you’ll ever feel…at the same time…”

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