Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher’s baby: first pic

McFly and McBusted star shares a first glimpse of his newborn baby – and reveals his names is Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher


Tom ‘McFly’ Fletcher has Tweeted an Instagram pic of his newborn son – and announced that he and his wife Giovanna have picked Buzz Michelangelo as their baby’s name.


“For those asking, our son’s name is Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher,” tweeted the proud new dad, adding, “And he’s on his 3rd nappy. Full of poop – that’s my boy!”

There was quite a reaction on Twitter to the couple’s babyname choice. Many friends and fans gave the name a thrilled thumbs up but others poked a bit of fun at it ( ‘Can you change his middle name to Feed please? So we can call him Buzz Feed,’ said one joker).

And some simply didn’t believe Tom and Giovanna were serious.

In the end, Tom was forced to tweet: “Yes, I’m being completely serious, my son is called Buzz :D.”

Babynaming dramas aside, it sounds as though new-dad Tom has already discovered both the joys – and trials – of early-days fatherhood. Not long after telling the world that his son is “insanely gorgeous” and he’s “busy being a dad”, he tweeted: “Oh, so this is what “tired” really feels like…blimey…”

But, if his Twitter caption alongside his beautiful black-and-white Instagram pic of his baby boy’s fingers clasping his thumb is anything to go by – “I’ve been having a cuddle with Buzz for about an hour. Best cuddle of my life. Ever” – it sounds like someone’s taking new-dad besottedness to infinity and beyond…

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