Too tall for a £5 child’s meal

Waiters measure boy’s height to prove he should be charged the £10 adult meal price.


After ordering and eating a Chinese buffet with his family, Ben Gardner, 10, was measured by waiters at Angel Chef Chinese, Gloucester, and told he didn’t qualify for the child’s meal.


Dad Gareth and his partner Mandy had taken Ben and Mandy’s son Lewis, 9, to the Chinese restaurant on Friday. Dad Gareth ordered two adult buffets and two children’s buffets, which are half the price of adult meals. After eating, Gareth went to pay and was charged differently to what he ordered.

Staff said Ben was over the height limit for the discount meal, and measured his height to prove it. Ben measured 149cm, and the height limit is set at 140cm.

Ben’s dad went back to the restaurant to complain the next day.

Restaurant staff said posters were there explaining the height rule. Dad Gareth claims that on Saturday, when he returned to complain, there was a sign at the counter, but that the night before when they dined it had not be there.

Lewis, 9, had a child’s meal and was charged accordingly. However, according to the Mirror, Lewis is actually 144cm, making him 4cm over the height limit!


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