Top baby name for 2011 to be Kate (that’s Middleton not Price!)

Royal bride-to-be’s name tipped to become moniker of choice for girls born next year


If you’re looking for baby name inspiration, you might want to look to Buckingham Palace for clues, like thousands of other mums-to-be are predicted to do. You see, it’s been revealed that the name ‘Kate’ will be the most popular girl’s name in 2011.


Following the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April wedding next year, many parents will be inspired to opt for the same name if they have a baby girl, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Already a popular baby name, with 2,466 babies being named Kate in 2009, the trend is set to rocket as the nation gets geared up for the Royal wedding in 2011.

However, this isn’t the first time parents have looked to the Royal family for baby names. According to research by, mums and dads have been nabbing Royal names since 1837! The name Victoria became hugely popular in 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, with a 35% rise in the name choice. When our current Queen married Prince Phillip in 1947, 127 more babies were named Elizabeth in comparison to the year before.

And it’s not just Queen names either. After Prince William and Harry were born to Princess Diana and Charles, the boys’ names rose to the top of the baby name lists, too.

If you’re pregnant and struggling to chose a baby name, check out MFM’s baby names finder for ideas.


Would you name your baby after a member of the Royal family? We’d love to know!

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