Top family Christmas tantrums

Will there be any of these in your house over Chrimbo? And by the way, we know it's not just the kids having them...


Ah, ’tis the season to be jolly, right? Absolutely! Although just every now and then the cabin fever can set in over the festive break and cause just a teensy weensy bit of friction.


Will there be any tantrums over these things in your house this year?

1. That’s not the toy I wanted!

We so know it’s not just the kids that start this one. But what with that major Lego shortage this year and the fact we’re probably not actually listening when our kids/partner tell us something great they saw advertised on the telly… it’s bound to happen occasionally, right?


2. I don’t want to…

play a game, wear a Christmas jumper, go for a walk on Christmas Day. There’s always one party pooper who doesn’t want to do the stuff Christmas was totally invented for – boo, what a grinch we say! Get involved! (Unless it’s us, and we really don’t fancy it, obvs…)


3. I KNOW how to cook Christmas lunch!!!!

Whoever’s in charge of Christmas lunch – watch out. Everyone will have their own idea of how to do it.

Christmas seems to bring out the Jamie Oliver in many people who’ll tell you to cook the turkey first then do the rest, cover the legs with foil, how to do the juices for the gravy – oh and give you advice on the 47 different ways to cook potatoes. Even your dog will have an opinion on it.

ALRIGHT ALREADY! Only 47 ways to cook potatoes? I know at least 53. And breathe…


4. Aren’t we watching the Queen’s Speech?

Despite the fact we live in an age where each household has a gazillion devices on which to watch whatever you want – the focal point at some point on Christmas Day for many remains that big old telly box in your lounge. And boy, can it cause some tiffs. Queen’s Speech? Yawn.

And we all know the special Christmas movie is one we’ve all seen FAR too many times.

Decide now to make it a Downton-only affair and have done with it. That way everybody (or nobody at all) will be happy – but at least you’ll all be in the same boat…


5. I’m all for a festive tipple but…

We all love a knees up at Christmas and if it includes a glass or 2 of fizz or Bailey’s why not?

But your blood can boil a little if you have a relative you can always rely on to go that bit too far and pass out before lunch or end up dancing on your coffee table. Oh hold up – was it you that did that last year? Ooops…


6. Isn’t ANYONE going to help me tidy up?

Everything looks so utterly picture perfect on Christmas Eve. You’ve stocked up on cinnamon and berry candles and they’re dotted around the house, the presents are under the tree and – once the kids are asleep – you stuff their stockings full of cute little goodies that will have them squealing with delight when they wake up at 5.30am.

By the end of Christmas Day the place looks like you’ve been hosting a kids party for an entire Justin’s House audience, and there’s enough wrapping paper lying around to sink a battleship.

Plus – you totally wish you’d stuck to your plan to throw out one old toy for every new toy your kids got – didn’t quite happen and now you think you might need an extension just to put all the new stuff in.

Well, there’s always next year…


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