Top new toy trends for 2012 – revealed

MFM gets first look at the coolest new toys for 2012 at today's Toy Fair

Sylvanian Families ice-cream van

Fireman Sam Light & Sound Tri scooter

Team GB Trunki

It’s going to be an exciting year for toys, with inspiration coming from the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and Euro 2012. According to the toy gurus at the Toy Fair happening today at London’s Olympia, the big trends of 2012 will be:

  • active play
  • apps
  • retro
  • pocket money toys

Each year, the Toy Fair announces its top toys for the year. Take note, as these are likely to be the toys our children are going to be pestering us for come Christmas – yes, the toy industry works that far ahead.

New for this year, there’s a Best App category, with three of this year’s Best New Toys represented. Undoubtedly the coolest is the cuddly Moshi App Monster – just a normal soft toy, until you add an app and it becomes an interactive playpal. We’ve even heard it takes a nap when it’s tired and rocks out to your favourite tunes… We’re intrigued!
“Toys are definitely embracing the new category this year and it’s great to see manufacturers using new technology to make playing even more fun and up to date,” said Natasha Crookes from the British Toys and Hobbies Association (BTHA).
And we love the sound of “pocket money toys”, which seems to be a big buzz word for all the major toymakers in the face of the tough economy and both parents and children watching their pennies.

So what are going to be top of your children’s wish lists this year?
Among the 32 Top Toy winners are classic character favourites such as Ben 10, Playmobil, Lego, Moshi Monsters, Dr Who, Sylvanian Families, Hello Kitty and Fireman Sam. Plus, there’s loads of Team GB toys including a super cool Brit-themed Trunki.
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