Surprising pregnancy sensations you don’t expect

Plus some more surprises that come after your baby's born - oh yes...


Feeling your unborn baby hiccup is the most surprising pregnancy experience, according to a new poll. The strange pulsating sensation caused by hiccups from inside the womb was unexpected for 31% of 100 mums surveyed.


Other surprising body changes experienced by women during pregnancy include acid reflux and developing a weak bladder (uh-oh, do those pelvic floor exercises now!), which come in joint second place with 20% each.

Itchy skin also comes as a surprise to 15% of the women surveyed, while 14% don’t expect to suffer from piles during pregnancy.

And yes, there are unexpected body changes once your baby arrives…

The survey reveals that losing your hair after having your baby is the biggest body change surprise, according to 51% of those polled.

Meanwhile, 31% of mums are shocked by the strength of their milk flow and subsequent ‘squirty nipples’.

Constipation and bladder weakness are also unexpected and unwelcome conditions, both scoring 9%.

The survey was conducted to coincide with the launch of a new book You Pee When You Sneeze… And Other Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy, a real-life first time mum’s diary.


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