Tori Spelling to start monthly birthday celebrations trend?

One birthday a year isn’t enough for Tori who tweets pic of daughter Hattie Margaret on her 3-month birthday


Mum-of-three Tori Spelling, 38, has given celeb-ville another boost of madness, celebrating daughter Hattie Margaret’s 3-month birthday on Twitter.


Now, we can’t imagine Tori’s wacky decision to dress Hattie as a turkey will take off, but we’re a little worried this monthly birthday idea could catch on. Is it not enough to rush around buying a cake, balloons and presents once a year?! 

There’s no denying that the pic is adorable- check out those beautiful eyes- but we’re sorry Hattie, we’re not celebrating this one with you. We have to save ourselves. There’s no way we’re heading down the monthly birthday route or we’ll be skint by the time we’re potty training. Tori, this one’s all you…


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