American dads are confessing on forums that they have been sobbing during Toy Story 3.


College kids and mums whose children have 'flown the nest' have also been caught coming out of screenings with tears streaming down their faces.

The film's makers Pixar have managed to capture a nostalgic sadness about growing up and leaving your toys and childhood behind.

"I’ve cried at a lot of movies in my time, it’s not really that big a deal — and in this case, besides, I knew I had my trusty 3-D mega-glasses to hide behind," confessed Entertainment Weekly's seasoned movie critic Owen Gleiberman

"But I’m not just talking about shedding a tear or two. I’m talking about that soppy, awkward thing where you make sounds.

"So now I would like to own up and ask my fellow weepie male moviegoers to join me in saying: I cried at Toy Story 3, and it’s okay!"

The first Toy Story appeared in 1995. Now, 15 years later, many of those who first watched the movie as children are college students, leaving their home and toys behind them like Andy in the film.

"I saw it yesterday with my mom," wrote one forum poster. "It's just two months before I go to college. She was bawling and I was crying too."

"I had to pretend not to notice my girlfriend looking at me as I tried to stealthily wipe away the tears," confessed another. "My husband sat through most of the movie stoned faced, then one of our boys began crying and he began to cry," said a third.

Meanwhile, retro toys are making a comeback thanks to Toy Story, which is released in the UK on 19 July. Demand for 70s-style toys such as Mr Potato Head, slinkies and the Fisher-Price classic 'Chatter' phone has increased after featuring in the film.

"We have seen a massive rise in the number of enquiries after the Toy Story films, said Rupert Godson of website RetroToys.

"Many people who had them as kids are now parents themselves so their children can share the same experiences they had."

One potential old fave who may be set for a big comeback is Ken. Replete with open neck shirt, glittery disco outfits and a perma-tan, Ken could be adding a bit of a sparkle under Christmas trees come December.

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Susie Boone, Editorial Director MadeForMums
Susie BooneEditorial Director, MadeForMums