Traffic warden targets mum as she fights for baby’s life

Parking attendant badgers woman to move car with choking son inside


A mum has claimed a traffic warden kept badgering her to move her car, while she was trying to save the life of her choking baby.


Suzanne Whalley, 36, had stopped on double yellow lines in Salisbury after she heard her 9-month-old son gasping for breath.

“Christien was having real trouble breathing and had started to turn blue. It was a complete emergency. Then the parking warden tapped on my window and demanded I moved my car. I was trying to save my son’s life,” said Suzanne.

The incident left Suzanne’s other children, 7-year-old Nathan and 5-year-old Keira, in tears.


Wiltshire Council is investigating the incident. A spokeswoman said, “The officer was sympathetic once he realised the situation and offered to call an ambulance but the woman refused. No parking notice was issued.”

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