Travelling toys hit the streets

Toys have been ‘released into the wild’ to see how far they can travel.


Here’s something that will keep the kids entertained for months on end – a collection of toys have been sent out to various parts of the globe to see how far they can travel.


The idea is the brainchild of ToyVoyagers website which is this week coordinating a worldwide ‘release’ of teddy bears, dolls and other kids’ playthings.

Each will have a label attached to it stating where it is headed and it is hoped that strangers will help the toys to reach their destination.

Those who spot a lost toy are encouraged to take a snap of it before sending it on its way and then uploading the picture onto the ToyVoyagers website where the progress of the adventurers will be tracked.

Children can get involved by either watching how a toy is getting on or even sending out their own toys and registering them with the website.


In a trial run, one travelling teddy bear named Ivor managed to cover and amazing 55,000 miles, visiting locations from the USA to Ecuador, Australia, Azerbaijan and Norwich.

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