Treat your little ones to a spicy treat at Sitaaray

If you’re looking to broaden your tot’s palette, why not try out Indian food with a Bollywood twist?

A sample of the delish food on offer

Who’s who?!

A spicy Madras or hot Bhuna might not be the top choice when thinking what to make your little one for tea. However, having a bit of spice in their bellies can open them up to a whole new world of flavours and it can be a great way of incorporating different veg onto their plates too…


If you fancy weaning your little one off their usual dinner choice, why not head to a unique restaurant to sample Indian food with a Bollywood twist? MFM came across a fab little restaurant called Sitaaray tucked away on Drury Lane, London and after sampling the lunch menu, we just had to share it with you.

The lunch menu costs £15 per child (under 12) and £22.95 for adults but be rest assured – you certainly get your money’s worth! You’re provided with a set menu (which comes in meat and vegetarian option), which consists of 13 mini dishes, almost like Indian Tapas, which is served in bite sized portions – perfect for a first time curry goer.

What’s great about Sitaaray’s food is that all dishes are packed full of flavour and minimal spice, meaning it’s kind to little tummies. The small, but fulfilling dishes are varied and contain lots of veg, plus they look interesting too, so it’s a great way to get dubious eaters experimenting.

We chomped our way through dahi batata puri (crispy savory stuffed with potato and yoghurt) and grilled fish pudina (small bite sized white fish covered in mint and very mild green chillies). The vegetarian menu was very impressive too, with grilled spiced cottage cheese, spinach kebabs and mini mushroom skewers.

The flamboyant surroundings are also worth taking the trip for. Sitaaray’s ruby walls are crammed with posters and mini TV screens of Bollywood film stars and movie icons – certainly enough going on to keep fidgety children entertained.

Another cool touch was that each of the cocktails were all named after famous Bollywood films. They also had a massive range of non-alcoholic fruit ‘lassi’ drinks which contain fresh coconut and fruits – a definite winner with little ones. The desert menu was also packed full of fresh fruits and yummy sweets – our favourite was the carrot halwa and Indian ice cream.

As you can imagine, we left with full stomachs and the bill was satisfying rather than scary.


This little hidden temple of a restaurant is a great find and well worth a visit if you’re in London.


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