Finding the perfect outfit while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge to say the least ?


But TV presenter Anna Williams totally nailed it at last night’s premiere for the new movie David Brent: Life On The Road.

34-year-old Anna, who’s due in September, took to the red carpet in a pair of silver heels and a black knee-length dress, which proudly showcased her blossoming 8-month bump.

She shared the photo on Instagram, captioning it:

“It's a bit of a whopper huh!!! Thoroughly enjoyed dragging 'the bump' to the #davidbrent premiere excruciatingly funny as you'd hope. #BrentsBack #premiere”

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Even though all our invites to red carpet events seem to, er, get lost in the post… we do love seeing what pregnant celebs choose to wear during these events.

Many of us want to look our best at a posh event or fancy do, even when we're just about ready to pop, right?

And we reckon Anna’s simple and elegant look is one that we non-celebs could emulate pretty easily.

Though we're not sure we could stay upright in those heels ?

The former Splash! contestant is a bit of an under-the-radar maternity style star - especially when it comes to her dress choices.

She recently shared a snap of herself in this lovely patterned mini-dress, which she wore to a recent appearance on TalkRadio.


But Anna’s also been pretty open with her Instagram fans about the, well, less glamorous side of pregnancy many of us experience.

The expectant mum also shared a snap of herself at another TalkRadio work engagement, but this time she appeared to be wearing a back brace and, understandably, some more casual clothes.


She wrote: “I might be 8 months pregnant with sciatica, a back brace and hot water bottle attached to my back.... but the show must go on folks ??”

Anna recently told OK! Magazine that she’ll be working her last job 8 days before her due date, “to get the pennies in before the baby comes”, hosting the National Lottery Awards.

Selfishly, we’re rather looking forward to seeing how she dresses her 9-month bump… but we’re also hoping she’ll be able to have a tiny bit of a rest before the baby arrives!

This will be the first child for Anna and her husband, personal trainer Alex Di Pasquale, who first announced they were expecting back in April ?

Images: Getty, Instagram / Anna Williamson

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