Twins celebrate first birthday – 51 hours apart

Twin brothers were born two days apart and in different star signs


Twins Ryan and Lewis Phillips will have twice the fun this month as they celebrate their first birthdays on different days and in different star signs. Ryan, a Leo, celebrated his birthday yesterday and Lewis, a Virgo, will turn 1 tomorrow after they were born two days apart.


After giving birth to Ryan at home, mum Hayley Phillips expected his twin to arrive soon afterwards. In fact, it took 51 hours and a second labour before Lewis was born in hospital.

“They both look the same but couldn’t be more different,” says Hayley. “There were two separate labours, they have different birthdays, different star signs and if Lewis had been born a few days later he would be in a different school year.”

Hayley was admitted to Sunderland Royal Hospital on August 23 last year after experiencing labour pains 11 weeks early. However, it was thought she had a mild water infection and she was sent home.

But on arriving home she went into labour and after just 10 minutes gave birth to Ryan on the bathroom floor with partner Craig at her side. Hayley was then readmitted to hospital where doctors prepared for Lewis’ arrival. But after two days went by and nothing happened, she was sent home again.

“As soon as I got to hospital it was like I hadn’t even given birth,” Hayley told the Daily Mail. “I spent the next two days visiting Ryan in the neonatal unit with Lewis still inside me – I was looking at Ryan in the flesh while holding a scan of his twin brother in my hand.”

Soon after arriving home Hayley went into labor for the second time and Lewis was born in hospital six hours later. “It was such a blessing to be able to hold them together,” says Hayley. “They’re fighting fit now and have grown well – they’re little miracles.”


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