Two is the magic number for Wills and Kate

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spill the beans on how many children they hope to have


It is no surprise that there has been much speculation about whether our favourite royal couple are expecting the pitter patter of tiny feet. Prince William has inadvertently fuelled the fire by revealing that he would like to have “two children” with his doting wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, according to the Daily Mail


After the whirlwind of the Oylmpic and Paralympic Games and the joy of Andy Murray’s Grand Slam win, all eyes are now firmly fixed on the young Royal’s Diamond Jubilee tour of Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The Duke’s parental comments came as he was asked how many children he would like, by a little boy.

The couple, married in April 2011, have already paid a visit to Singapore’s beautiful Botanic Gardens and toured a Rolls-Royce factory.

During one of the visits, a 13-year-old boy reportedly asked Prince William what super power he would wish for. On replying that he would wish for invisibility, the Duchess was heard commenting that she “had to be invisible if Prince William was, otherwise he would be able to sneak up on her.” 

The couple are receiving a rapturous response on their tour, continuing a fantastic year for the United Kingdom. A set of schoolchildren, given the morning off for the occasion, greeted them with the chant “Will and Kate, you are great.”

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