Jacqueline Jossa gave birth to her first baby in February – but says getting 'back in shape' is the last thing on her mind.


The 23-year-old actress says she's much more concerned with raising her 8-month-old daughter Ella – and eating the odd McChicken sandwich – than hitting the gym.

We just love the new mum's honesty. Yes, being healthy is important, but who doesn't love a cheeky McDonalds once in a while?


"Getting the 'perfect post-baby body' is a secondary thing to me massively," she says in OK! magazine.

"I have days – as any girl does – and I look at myself and I'm like: 'Seriously it's a joke: What am I?'

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"Then I have a spray tan and everything's OK and I don't care for another week."

The EastEnders actress also reveals she has a weakness for McDonalds.

"But then the next week I'll be like: 'Seriously, why am I so huge?' and then I'll eat a McDonald's and get over it," she says.

"It sounds awful but I've always been that kind of person – I'll moan about it while eating a McChicken sandwich meal."

Photos: Instagram / Jacqueline Jossa

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