Two thirds of mums embarrass their children on purpose

Licking a thumb and cleaning your child’s face deemed to be the most cringe- worthy act for mums, say new survey


Two thirds of mums have admitted to embarrassing their children on purpose, a new survey says.


The survey, commissioned by Seriously Good Sauces, revealed that mums felt their best trick to embarrass was to lick their thumb before wiping their child’s face, with 30% admitting to having done it.

While 27% of mums said that they had kissed their child at the school gates just to make them squirm, 18% admitted they had even shown baby photos to their children’s friends! 

Although the mums admitted to embarrassing their kids, 82% also believed they were a ‘seriously good mum’.

The online survey of 1,000 mums also discovered that finding ‘me’ time was the biggest difficulty mums felt they faced (34%). When it came to mummy superpowers, top spot went to the power to never, ever get tired.

Here’s the top five at a glance…

Mum tricks for embarrassing their children

  1. Liking a thumb or tissue before wiping child’s face
  2. Kissing child goodbye at the school gates
  3. Telling child to stop showing off in front of their friends
  4. Showing baby photos to children’s friends
  5. Singing or dancing badly in public

Things that make a seriously good mum

  1. Firm and fair
  2. Patient with children
  3. Intelligent and wise
  4. Practical around the house
  5. A good cook (thankfully, just 17% said this!)

Superpowers mums wish they had

  1. Never get tired, ever
  2. Invisibility so they could watch over the children
  3. Being able to split into two
  4. Know the answer to every question their child may ask
  5. Being able to Teleport children rather than drive them

Daily difficulties

  1. Finding ‘me’ time
  2. Fitting in all the housework, DIY and gardening
  3. Household budgeting
  4. Worrying about children’s whereabouts and safety
  5. Worrying about children’s future

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