Two-year-old girl ‘escapes’ nursery and walks home alone

Louise Hilton walked half a mile and knocked on parents’ door


We all know that children can be reluctant to start nursery and have had to deal with tears at the gate.


But one little girl was so determined to leave nursery that on her third day she took matters into her own hands.

Louise Hilton left her private Windmill Hill Nursery, Runcorn at about 1pm on Wednesday through a door left open by a workman, according to the BBC.

She then walked the half a mile journey home alone and knocked on her parents’ door saying: “Mummy, I’m home”.

A Cheshire Police spokesman said: “At this stage it is believed the child escaped from the nursery after workmen left a door open.

“The child was unharmed and the matter has been referred to the local authority.”

We’re amazed that Louise could find her own way home and can only imagine how shocked her parents were to answer the door!

Luckily Louise was unharmed, but the toddler’s escape is bound to raise concerns about nursery safety.

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