Two-year-old girl joins Mensa

Elise, 2, has an IQ higher than Carol Vorderman

Elise Tan-Roberts from North London has just become the youngest member of Mensa, where only those with an IQ of 148 and above can qualify. To put that in perspective, only 2% of us have an IQ in this range. And with Elise’s estimated IQ of 156, she was not only a candidate – she beat Carol Vorderman’s IQ by two points!


Elise has been well advanced since she was a baby: around 5 months, Elise looked at dad Edward, a motor consultant and car buyer, and said “Dada”. By 8 months, she was walking, and by 10 months, she was running. She could recognise her written name before she turned 1, and by 16 months she could count to 10.

Elise can now also count to 10 in Spanish, knows the capital cities of different countries, and is able to correct her mum when she calls her toy a rhinoceros instead of a triceratops. Yes, we think it’s an easy enough mistake to make, Mum!

Last month, Elise was taken by her parents, Edward and Louise, a part-time account manager with a removals company, to see specialist education psychologist Professor Joan Freeman. Professor Freeman gave Elise a complex 45-minute IQ test, and her report described Elise as ‘gifted’.

Elise’s parents weren’t aware of their daughter’s intelligence until she started to talk. All they saw was that baby Elise tended to stare at people and things, soaking up all that she could. They know of no other child geniuses in their family.


Would you like to have a child genius, or do you think it could be more of a burden that a gift for your toddler? Let us know…

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