Two-year-old survives massive electric shock

A toddler who was electrocuted after touching live wires is lucky to be alive


Tassya-Leigh Greener, 2, has had a miraculous escape after a massive electric shock threw her across a garden.


The toddler was playing with eight other children next door to the garden of her big sister Natalie, 25, in Middlesbrough when she was electrocuted.

After entering the garden of the neighbouring property, which is boarded up and due for demolition, Tassya-Leigh touched a live wire, which was hanging from an electricity box.

“The house next door has no gate so the children can go freely into that garden,” mum Sindy, 43, told Gazette Live.

“We were sat watching the children and as there is no gate we can easily see what they are doing when they are in the other garden as well.

“We had decided to go for a walk so I went inside to get my bag. We then herd a loud bang and everyone was panicking.

“I went outside and Tassya-Leigh was lying on the ground.

“She had been knocked about three feet back. We were all just in shock,” said Sindy.


Doctors are said to be amazed that the toddler only suffered burns to her thumb and finger, and feared she may easily have been killed.

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