UK couples trialling male ‘Pill’

A contraceptive jab for men that could be as effective as the Pill is being tested around the world.


As part of a worldwide study, 60 couples in Manchester and 20 couples in Edinburgh are participating in a year-long trial of a male contraceptive injection.


The jab has proved to be effective in 99% of cases. No major side effects are anticipated, though some men could get hot flushes, mood swings or acne. Sound familiar?!

The men will get two injections every two months. The jab works by tricking the brain into shutting off sperm production, report the Telegraph. It contains the male sex hormone testosterone and a version of progesterone, the female sex hormone.

“When we carried out surveys of women, they were enormously enthusiastic. The single most common reason was that they wanted to share the responsibility for contraception,” said the University of Edinburgh’s Professor Richard Anderson, who’s leading one of the trials.

“You are not sleeping with men, you are sleeping with one particular man you are sharing your bank accounts and everything else with. It’s not that women want to control contraception because they could be ‘left holding the baby’. In a strong relationship, you share everything, and this is part of it,” Professor Anderson explained further.


If you like the sound of the male ‘pill’, you’ll need to cool your jets for a while longer – doctors say it’s at least five years away from hitting the market.

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