UK mums only get 26 minutes of ‘me time’ a day

However, nearly half would still pick ‘we time’ over ‘me time’, according to new research


‘Me time’ is a luxury that many mums are missing out on, according to a study from the Social Issues Research centre. The majority of UK mums says they have just 2-4 hours to themselves a week.


Even so, 44% of UK mums said they would chose to spend an unexpected free hour with their children, compared to just 31% who would spend it by themselves.

The study of 12,000 women across Europe commissioned by P&G (that’s the name behind Pampers), found that although 82% of mums spend a large proportion of their time picking up after the family, tidying the bathroom and even acting as a human alarm clock, they only ask for a simple ‘thank you’ in return.

In response to the research, P&G has partnered with former Spice Girl Mel C to launch a ‘Thank you, Mum’ campaign, encouraging the nation to tell their mums how much they appreciate them.

The findings have been released to mark International Women’s Day and from part of the Changing Face of Motherhood report commissioned by P&G.

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