Una Healy and Ben Foden’s baby-talk tweet-off

Una and Ben tweet messages ‘from’ daughter Aoife Belle while Ben’s away


New parents Una Healy and Ben Foden have found a novel new use for Twitter – pretending to be their baby daughter Aoife Belle.


Ben’s rugby commitments mean he’s away from fiancé Una and 3-month-old Aoife, but that doesn’t stop them sharing intimate moments.

After Una posted an adorable snap of Aoife on Twitter wearing an ‘I heart daddy’ baby grow, Ben tweeted, “and I miss you, too, Aoife Belle and I also miss mummy lots, too! I’ll be home soon enough tho don’t you worry! #babytalk.” We can almost see Ben pursing his lips as he typed. Aww!

Una went on to ponder the life of a baby, adding, “Sometimes I wish I was a baby! It looks so comfy with all the music and lights and toys to soothe you off to sleep.” We hear you, Una!


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