Una Healy upsets fans with exercise talk

Pregnant Una fights back at Twitter criticism over plans to get fit after having her baby


Una Healy, who’s expecting her first baby, is the latest celeb to come under Twitter fire over plans to get fit post-baby.


The Saturdays singer asked followers if anyone had a vibrating plate exercise machine, which she specifically said was for post-baby exercise. Presumably after an onslaught of angry tweets, the star posted, “Sorry if I annoyed anyone for asking about exercise, I’m not out to hurt anyone or my baby just want to be healthy”. But this feisty mum-to-be wasn’t taking the criticism lying down, ending her tweet with “#chilloutladies”. Good on you, Una!

After Hilary Duff had the day from hell it seems these pregnant stars need a bit of a break! Luckily for Una she has a supportive fiancé, Ben Foden. Ben’s pre-baby shopping and building of nursery furniture certainly would put him in our good books.

If you’re thinking about getting back into shape after having a baby try these simple exercises.


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