Unborn babies can hear words and language

Babies can recognise mum’s voice in the womb, finds research


New research at US Northwestern University has found that babies begin to pick up language skills and recognise words and voices while they’re still in the womb.


Researchers believe that babies pick up the melodies of language, sometimes remembering words they have heard. They can also differentiate between language groups though won’t actually understand the words themselves.

“We think the very first processes of language development are actually starting in the womb because they are overhearing their mother’s speech,” said Infant Language Laboratory Professor, Kathy Hirsh-Pasik.

Though she warns that putting kids in front of the TV won’t have the same effect.  “Children need interactive back-and-forth.”

Past studies have shown that babies and children who are frequently talked to have higher IQ scores and do better in school so get chatting to your bump!


We’ve got lots of tips to encourage language development in your baby or young child.

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