Reality star gets real about uneven boobs after breastfeeding

Aussie TV personality Zoe Hendrix posted a picture that truly says it all...


If a picture says a thousand words, then for us, this one by Married At First Sight star Zoe Hendrix says at least 10k more.


And all of those words are: YES, EXACTLY!

Aussie mum Zoe, who welcomed her daughter Harper-Rose in November 2016, took to Instagram to share what breastfeeding her little one has done to her boobs.

One of her boobs is significantly larger than the other, making things rather uneven – thanks to the production of milk becoming more prevalent on one side. 

This lopsided effect often occurs when a baby picks the side they like to feed from best, and the body reacts.


She told her 88k followers:

“MILK JUGS gone uneven ?? One of the many joys of breastfeeding.

“I wondered why I got a few stares at the pool that day? ?awkward! 

#mymilkshake #bringsallthebabiestotheyard #normalisebreastfeeding ?????”

She might’ve gotten stares while she was out and about, but we wanna assure anyone who’s been through the same thing that it’s totally normal for this to happen.

If a little weird when you look at yourself in the mirror… ?

Image: Instagram/Zoe Hendrix

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