Mum of 5 *finally* gets a shower: ‘It wasn’t selfish to shave my legs and actually wash’

"If it's saying no to something, taking a shower or aimlessly walking around Target alone; do what you need to do to be the best you"


When you’re looking after a newborn, one thing’s for sure – it can be a juggle even to drink your tea while it’s hot, let alone have a shower and dry your hair anytime apart from when the baby’s asleep or totally fuss and cry free.


And even when you do get to do it, it’s usually in a hurried frenzy because you know you’re on borrowed time before the next feed/nappy change/bawl out ??

But just imagine if – as well as a newborn – you have 4 other children under 7 to look after too ?  

Reckon you’d ever get any alone time? Nope ?

So, we loved this Instagram post from busy mum Nicole Snyder, who nails perfectly how the smallest things – like having a bathroom break without interruptions from the kids (or your partner) can be a massive challenge when you’re a mum.

She says:

“Let’s talk 4th trimester and self care for a sec. Last night while in the car I was listening to @januaryharshe on her podcast. She said some things that resonated with me down to my soul, possibly because of the language.

“Do no harm. Take no shit.” and something along the lines of “If you’re not at the top of your priorities, you’re last.”??

“The older I’ve gotten (and more children we’ve had), I’ve found this my internal mantra that I’ve never actually said out loud.

“This morning we had two boys up at 5am plus the baby. Jason is off for the day so he was helping. I went downstairs, drank my coffee and started my daily grind of parenting and keeping small people alive.

“But I also desperately needed a shower; physically and mentally. So I left the hubs with the boys, got the baby back to sleep and went to take a long shower. Jason popped in asking how long I was going to be and I didn’t respond.


“I was taking this time for myself. I couldn’t fill anyone else’s cup and be the mom/wife they need unless I’m ok. It wasn’t selfish to shave my legs and actually wash and repeat with my shampoo. It was necessary.

“I got out and the once-sleeping babe was fussing. I could’ve scooped her up and forgone the rest of my out of the shower routine, but she was ok.

“So I laid her on the floor next to me. Did my R+F routine. Combed my hair. Got dressed. THEN I hugged and snuggled and kissed on her.

“I felt human again. Recharged. And she was fine. So if you’ve made it to the end of this post, and any of what I’ve said hit home with you, fill your cup.

“If it’s saying no to something, taking a shower or aimlessly walking around Target alone; do what you need to do to be the best you! Have a wonderful Friday! I’m off to camp with all my people, it’s sure to be an adventure with a newborn!”


Nicole’s definitely got her hands full – but you don’t need 5 to know how it feels not to have a moment to yourself. Just one baby can do that to you.

The important thing is to try, where you can, to put yourself first and recharge – so you can face the day ahead with bells on, be the best mum you can be, and well… just feel HUMAN again ??

Images: Nicole Snyder/My Unfiltered Chaos on Instagram

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