US general bans pregnancy in soldiers

Even married soldiers are told it’s cold showers or contraceptives


A US Army general based in Iraq has warned his female soldiers that they’ll face court martial if they get pregnant during their tour of duty. Equally, the male partners of pregnant female soldiers will face the same punishment, even if they are married.


It’s the first time the US Army has made pregnancy a punishable offence. Currently, it’s British army policy to send soldiers home if they get pregnant and not take any further action. But Major General Anthony Cucolo told the BBC that it was a black and white issue for him and that married soldiers in combat zones should put their love lives on hold or use precautions.

Pregnancy is surprisingly prevalent in combat zones, with over 100 pregnancy tests requested in the past 8 months by British troops in Afghanistan


“I’m given a finite number of soldiers and I need every one of them,” said Gen Cucolo. “So I’m going to take every measure I can to keep them all fit and with me for the 12 months we’re in the combat zone.”

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