Usher in custody battle with ex-wife after pool incident

Usher's son survives near-drowning incident in swimming pool


Tameka Foster is challenging American R&B singer Usher for primary custody of their 5-year-old son, Usher Raymond V, after a near-death incident in a pool.


On Monday in Atlanta, Usher V got his arm caught in the drain of a pool while trying to retrieve a toy. The boy was being looked after by Usher’s aunt Rena at the time, who called upon two men working in the house at the time to free his arm. 

Usher V was rushed to intensive care and is now making a good recovery, but mother Tameka has asked for an emergency hearing on the grounds that Usher is allegedly creating a “dangerous environment” for the children.

In August last year, Usher was granted primary custody of their two sons following the tragic death of Tameka’s son (and Usher’s step son) 11-year-old Kile Glover, who died in a jet ski collision.

The singer said in a statement released today: “I would especially like to thank the two men who saved my son’s life, Eugene Stachurski and Ben Crews. They are true heroes and I am deeply grateful to them.”

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