Valentines for your kids: right or wrong?

Should you keep Valentine's Day cards and gifts just for your partner? Or include your children, too? Seems we're pretty split on this one...


Practically every day of the year seems to be a ‘special’ day of some kind or other: no sooner are you over Christmas, than it’s Valentine’s Day, then Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day etc etc… ad infinitum. 


And feelings are definitely mixed on what people think about all these commemorative days – especially Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it just commercialising romance – and shouldn’t we show our partner we love them every day of the year, not just one?

On the other hand, it’s a bit of fun and a nice excuse to go for dinner / buy choccies, right?

Ooooh, and did you say partner? What about the kids?

You see, we asked on our Facebook page whether you bought your little ones cards or gifts on Valentine’s Day – and loads of you responded saying you did.

“I do for my eldest, who’s 10,” says Becky B. “My mum always used to send me one anonymously and, because I didn’t know it was her, it made me feel special and loved from afar, so I want to recreate that for my kids.”

“Yep, I do cards and presents,” says Kat L.

And Samantha F agrees: “Yeah why not?! It’s only a bit of fun and where’s the harm in some fun?”

On the other hand…

There were plenty of you who reckon Valentine’s Day is not for the kids.

“No! Valentine’s Day isn’t about children,” says Cassie P. “I think people are taking things too far now.”

And Angela H agrees: “No. For me, Valentine’s Day is a celebration between a couple.”

So, it seems there will be some kids who’ll be getting chocs, and even a few presents, today, and some who won’t.

But there’s really no right or wrong, is there? We reckon we agree with mum Aimee B who says:

“Do what you want to do and respect that everyone else has their own way. It’s 2017: Valentine’s Day can be interpreted however you please, and celebrated (or not) with whomever you please.

“Just because you choose to celebrate it doesn’t mean you love your partner any more or less than on any other day of the year. It’s a little bit of light-hearted fun! SPREAD THE LOVE, PEOPLE!”

Hear hear ?

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