Vanessa Lachey shares Valentine’s letter to baby Camden

Model mum shares beautiful photo of her son and opens up her journal


Vanessa Lachey has marked Valentine’s day by sharing her love for her baby son Camden.


The first-time mum shared an extract from her journal on her official blog, which she’s writing for her 5-month-old son, along with this gorgeous photo of the two of them together.

“This Valentine’s Day you’ll be five-months-old, but I feel like I’ve loved you forever,” she writes.

“I have wanted to be your mommy for as long as I can remember. Nothing in this world could ever compare to the way you make me and your daddy feel everyday!”

“Words don’t even begin to express how much more beautiful you make our life together,” she continued.

“As you grow and take in this world around you, know that you are loved today and EVERYDAY all because you’re you! Sweet precious little you.”

“Happy first Valentine’s Day, love your mommy.”

Vanessa revealed she’s keeping a book for her son, in which she’s recording her marriage to his father Nick, pregnancy, and now her experiences of motherhood.

“When I got married I started a journal for mine and Nick’s kids to read as they got older,” she explained on her blog.

“I wrote about how Nick proposed, our wedding, our first home as a family, our adventures together, and how we are as people and as a couple.”

“Once I got pregnant, I started writing letters to our unborn baby. I would tell him how loved he is, and how excited I am to share EVERYTHING in the world with him.”

“I would talk about how Nick and I were feeling and what hopes and dreams we have for him. Then, once he was born, the letters grew into telling him how grateful we are to have him in our lives.”

“This entry is one I wrote to Camden for his first Valentine’s Day. I know he won’t understand it now, but that’s the beauty of a journal!”, Vanessa explained as her motivation for writing the Valentine’s message.

Are you keeping anything special as a keepsake for your little one?


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